Compensation for Death in a Traffic Accident

Do you need to claim compensation for death in a traffic accident?

When someone dies, you have to act quickly and try to find a law firm specialized in traffic accidents, we have handled accidents due to death and disability on many occasions and we can help you.


There are many specific actions to take into account when the death of a person occurs in an accident, when for example accidents occur at work, it is very important to report the accident to the Labor Inspectorate urgently, so that they carry out a investigation of the causes of the accident, as it could be of great help.


In accidents in which the death of the pilot, co-pilot or a third person occurs, it will always be taken into account whether they are children, grandchildren, spouses or brothers, that is, if we are facing the death in an accident of the wife, the beneficiary It will be the husband, but also the parents of the deceased, the brothers and the children.


Usually, if the companies see that the evidence indicates that the fault is clear, they have to pay, they usually accept the payment of compensation urgently.

Have you suffered a traffic accident?

Compensation for death of husband or wife (spouse) in traffic accident

In traffic accidents in which death or death occurs, it is important, as we explained in the claim for COMPENSATION FOR DEATH IN A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT, Carry out all actions quickly, both at the legal level, as well as at the administrative and police level.

Sometimes accidents with deaths are caused by someone who commits a crime and that accident will be inevitably prosecuted in the criminal jurisdiction, and in these cases the relatives, the husband or the wife, how could it be otherwise, will have to look for a lawyer specializing in traffic accident issues, but also an expert in criminal jurisdiction, which is why this office has several lawyers with more than 15 years of experience in criminal jurisdiction.

The surviving spouse will have to try to act effectively in a short time, report the incident to the police station, which will almost certainly have already produced a police report, notify the company, gather all possible evidence, hire the best lawyer specializing in traffic accidents that you can find and appear in court where the case is judged.

The compensation for the death of the spouse will have to be extracted from the existing tables for basic personal damages that range from 90,000 euros to 50,000, depending on the years of cohabitation and the years of the victim. In the same way, individual damages and patrimonial damage of the widowed spouse must be claimed. It could also increase the compensation depending on the years of cohabitation.

It is important in criminal proceedings to go as a private prosecution, since in that case only if the surviving spouse agrees can an agreement be reached between the prosecutor and the defense attorney of the person who caused the death of the husband or wife. When appearing as a private prosecution, if the husband or wife is not satisfied with the penalty imposed on the cause of death, it could force a trial in which the penalty could be much higher.

Compensation for death of son in traffic accident

A traffic accident in which a son or daughter has died is not like any other traffic accident, the father or mother or parents will try to punish the person responsible for the death of their son or daughter in addition to claiming the compensation that legally establishes the scale of traffic accident for the death of his son.


In the first place, the criminal procedure will be activated by filing a complaint with the competent police in Barcelona or anywhere in the country. But above all with the appearance as a private prosecution, to prevent the prosecutor and the defense lawyer, of the person presumably guilty of the death of our loved one, from reaching an agreement and escaping without punishment.


The compensation for the traffic accident and the criminal matter will be claimed in the same procedure in the criminal court, we will have to study the case very carefully and through the team of professionals that make up this office, try to determine if there are sufficient indications of crime to impute a crime to the person responsible for the death of our client's son.


In the event that the police decide that there is no crime, there will always be the possibility of challenging, providing some type of proof of the existence of a crime of reckless homicide or, for example, a crime of omission of the duty to help, but in all case, we can only challenge if we have appeared as a private prosecution, therefore, we have to carry out all these steps urgently when these misfortunes occur. 


This office is specialized in traffic accidents and criminal law, with more than 20 years of experience, so we are fully trained to give you the best advice on traffic accidents and criminal law.


In the same way, if there was no indication of the commission of a crime, we could go to civil proceedings to claim compensation for the death of our client's descendant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compensation for death in a traffic accident

Victims of a traffic accident have the right to receive compensation: spouse, widower, elderly, descendants, siblings and close relatives.