Bus Accident Compensation

Have you suffered a bus accident?

Do you need to make a claim for compensation for a bus accident in Barcelona? If you have suffered a traffic accident as a passenger on public transport, for example a TMB bus in the city of Barcelona, you should know that you have the right to claim compensation from the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident , that is, the bus driver's insurer or the driver of the other vehicle that collided with the bus.

For all these reasons, it is best that you make a correct claim for the compensation that corresponds to you and for the injuries suffered in a public transport accident such as the bus, for which you should seek advice from experts such as Masramon Abogados with more than 20 years of experience. of experience in the sector specialized in claiming compensation for bus accidents.

The Barcelona City Council or the City Council to which the bus that caused the accident belongs, has an insurance very similar to that of the other vehicles and the compensation derived from the injuries and sequelae produced can be claimed without any problem.

In the event that the vehicle that caused the accident fled for any reason, you can claim compensation from the insurance compensation consortium, since when a bus accident occurs, many times the vehicles involved, such as a motorcycle, a bicycle, a car etc., can escape and want to disregard their responsibilities.

Have you suffered a traffic accident?
Have you been in a Bus Accident?

What should you do if you suffer a Bus Accident?

In order to make a correct claim for compensation for an accident suffered as a bus passenger, it is essential to carry out the following steps:
Keep the bus travel ticket

This is very important since it is the way you will have to prove that you have boarded the bus and have been a passenger on it at the time of the accident.

Do not leave the scene of the accident

It is very important that, if you have suffered an accident traveling as a bus passenger and have had an injury, even a slight one, you should not leave the place, since it is very important that the paramedics supervise you and in case of having a injury is certified with the proper medical report. Consequently, it would be very important to request the intervention of an ambulance to assess it, at that moment.

To call the police

Over the years we have been able to verify that a police report is essential to be able to demand an obligation to pay compensation for a bus accident, in this sense, on many occasions bus drivers do not want to take part, even if they are obliged to do so. Therefore, we suggest that you call the police to raise the respective report to collect the causes that led to the bus accident. You will have to tell the driver that you have called the police and to wait until they arrive.

Collect the data of the vehicle involved

In the event that you go on the bus, the drivers of the vehicles involved are obliged to report on the incidents that have occurred in the bus accident, however, on many occasions the bus drivers do not , and consequently it will have to collect the greatest number of vehicle data (plate number, vehicle color, photographs, etc.). If you are injured and the police come, there will be no problem because the police will reflect the data from the bus in the report, but if it is light, you will be in charge of collecting all the data.

If you have been collided by a bus, whether you are a pedestrian or in another vehicle, you should know that on many occasions, when bus drivers consider that the damage to the other vehicle or pedestrian is slight, sometimes it is possible that do not stop, so you will have to try to obtain by all possible means, the license plate, and the time at which the accident occurs to make the appropriate complaint or demand, depending on the circumstances. 

How to obtain double compensation for a Bus Accident?

If you suffer an accident when you are on board a bus as a passenger and it collides on a highway or on an interurban route and the accident is serious, then you are entitled to receive compensation for both the compulsory travel insurance (SOV) as compensation charged to the compulsory Automobile Insurance (SOA) if negligence on the part of the company that provides the service is proven. In this case it is important to mention that both compensations are compatible and you will have the right to receive both compensations. 

However, when bus accident compensation is defined, insurance companies are aware that you will have double compensation when there is negligence, and what they usually do is not offer both compensations but offer the Compulsory Travelers Insurance (SOV) compensation. ) taking advantage of the ignorance on the part of the users who are affected in the accident, therefore, the best way to obtain compensation for a bus accident is to be able to count on adequate advice and with proven experience such as Masramon Abogados, which has more of two decades of experience in the sector and may have, if applicable, both compensation for compulsory passenger insurance and for damages caused to his person in the bus accident.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bus Accident Compensation

Every time you buy a bus ticket, it becomes your receipt so that you are insured, this is for the mandatory travel insurance, since this ticket will demonstrate the possibility of demanding compensation from the corresponding insurance company according to the accident suffered. Mandatory travel insurance is regulated in Royal Decree 1575 / 1989, of December 22, which establishes everything related to the consequences of accidents, material damage that is covered in the event of an accident, etc.

Consequently, we will have to resort to the referenced Royal Decree when there has been an accident with a bus or public transport.

It is very important to keep the ticket that enables us to travel, that is, if for example we have a 10-trip card or a one-way ticket, we will have to keep the card or ticket to be able to claim, it will be an important element at the time to claim compensation for injuries and sequelae that the accident may have caused us.

When the accident suffered in a bus is the responsibility of the opposing vehicle, you will have the right to receive compensation charged to the Mandatory Automobile Insurance (SOA) of said vehicle, however, if the accident is the responsibility of the bus driver, then you will have right to receive compensation charged to the auto insurance of the bus, that is, in the two cases mentioned, the SOA insurance is mandatory. This insurance will be activated when the passenger is injured, so it will be very important to be able to prove the responsibility of the bus driver or the vehicle that caused the accident and to be able to make the relevant claim.

Call 112 and immediately tell the driver to stop. It's very important. If the driver is unaware that an injury has occurred, it will be more difficult to file a claim. Bus drivers are required to report accidents that occur on the bus.