A metge faces 2 years of imprisonment for operating by mistake a dit sa

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Jorge Enrique VM shows the dit that they are going to operate by mistake Photo: ACN

A simple operation for an injury he had in a dit was going to end up with a third operation and a surgery that he did not admit the error and that he was going to justify saying that the dit was not there and that he also had to operate. The case will arrive to court properly and the hospital of Terrassa faces two years and a thousand prisoners, four disqualified and 16,500 euros of compensation for a crime of injury for gross negligence. The patient carried the small hand of the mother with a splint, but when he is going to leave the operating room he will see that he has operated on the index of the mateixa more and will claim that the operation of the hand that veritably ho necessitava, according to what he will explain to l'ACN fa uns mesos.

On May 9, 2010 Jorge Enrique VM will have a petty domestic accident that will cause injuries to the petite. In addition, at the emergency room of the Terrassa hospital, they are going to put a splint. After some tests, he will make an appointment for surgery on May 25. They are going to apply local anesthesia to the whole arm and I will not be able to see the operation directly, but I was completely conscious and woke up. When the van treure of the operating room will see that they have operated on a dit that they did not touch. It is going to complain to the infirmers and they are going to return to the operating room on, this cop yes, they are going to operate on the little one.

Fins al día següent chap responsable he will visit the room where he is recuperating from the operation. He said that he was going to operate was not going to admit the error, but was going to justify himself that the dit index was "lax" and also had no operation. In canvi, the director of traumatology will admit the error and will tell the patient that they send him a letter of apology. The surprise will arrive when the center's letter returns to make the error and the medical action is justified. Asked by the ACN shortly after the days, the management of the center will not make statements on the case.

The patient's advocate, borja masramon, he will explain in April 2011 that "a bull passat, pot fer gràcia, but it is very gray, it is a blunder", because the metge, according to the mateix criteria "could have-li operated the choir or extret a ronyó ». In addition, according to them, the excuse of the metge was not felt because the patient was already sent out of the operating room and the surgery had not planned to operate-li said danyat.

The mateix argument will serve the affectat, which will explain on the second day that the metges li haurien d'haver demand express permission to operate on an unforeseen thing. He is also going to complain that in the letter from the center he said that he was the one who had to have said to the metges who said they had to operate, which does not prove that he continued his responsibility, and menys faces when he has it was to the taula d'operacions. In addition, he will remember that the dit that he had to operate on had a splint and that the others did not have beef.

«The professionals are not machines, we are humans, everyone makes mistakes, but for help there are insurances. But when someone makes a mistake, he admits the blame", Masramon will explain, who will state that "this home is very noble and only excuses, but now it is bad". "Fets like these cannot go unpunished", the patient will reblar.

Now, the private prosecution accuses the surgeon, Joan Enric BM, 57 years old and convicted of the year 2000 for a criminal mate, of not having informed the patient that they would come to operate from another dit. He also reproaches the doctor for having given a "bizarre" explanation and trying to cover up the "nyap", in addition to not having checked the medical history, not having examined the patient's funds before the operation and not having asked questions.

By the way, the prosecutor considers that the metge is going to "dispense with the most elementary norms of cure" and also considers that he is committing a crime of injury for gross negligence. Tot i així, he demands a sentence much lower than that of the private accusation: four months in prison, two years of disqualification and 1,000 euros of compensation.

borja masramon
borja masramon

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